Welcome to  FORBED , your number one source of furniture and sleep-related products .


We are professionals in the production of furniture, Mattresses, and mattress-related products such as Pillow, mattress protectors, and bedlinen .               


Founded in 2004,  FORBED   has come a long way from its beginning in Cairo, Obour industrial city when it started to produce mattresses. After years of experience and research, the company started to improve mattress production to match the changing taste by implementing new technologies.

Increased market share and customer Trust in Forbed Brand has motivated the company to widen the scope of its products to cover more mattress related items such as pillows, mattress covers, and bedlinen Years later,  FORBED   introduced sofabed and bedbase products and gained number one customer’s satisfaction .  


Quality is  FORBED ’s main concern since it offers highly trusted guarantee on all products .  


The company’s main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and match his/ her changing taste